i det 21. århundrede

Photo documentary shot between autumn 2012 and summer 2013 on the Danish island Læsø. The project intend to leave an historical documentation of  the landscape and the inhabitants of Læsø in the 21.st century. The documentary is shot entirely on b/w films, using Rolleiflex, Hasselblad and Linhof cameras.

The project is a collaboration with Læsø Kunsthal, Læsø Museum and Frilandsmuseet.


Ung kvinde i døren, Gammel Østerby (Young woman, Gammel Østerby)

       Mand fra Byrum (Man from Byrum)

Østerby Havn-arbejder  (Harbor worker)

Pige med folkedragt (Girl with traditional costume)

Vej ved Stokken  (Road by Stokken)

Menneske og Natur

The project started in the autumn 2011 and ended in 2012, is a travel on foot, on the Danish island of Ærø. Focus of the documentary are the people met on the travel and the nature of the island, shaped by the work of man. Shot entirely using

 a Rolleiflex 6x6 camera, the project is a collaboration with Ærø Museum and The Danish Open Air Museum. The project was as well exhibited at the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2013.


Ung landmand, Ronæs (Young farmer)

Vestre Strandvej, Ærøskøbing

Siddende fisker, Ommel  (Sitting fisher)

Pige ved træ, Tranderup  (Girl by a tree)

The White


The project, exposed at the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2010, is a documentary on the teenagers of the Danish capital city. The pictures are taken in the parks, schools, bars where the adolescents of Copenhagen spend their lifes. The project more than an historical documentation intend to be a celebration of the fragility, pureness and melancolic time of human life.  


The White Leaves, nr.28 - Copenhagen 2006

The White Leaves, nr.27 - Copenhagen 2006

The White Leaves, nr.23 - Copenhagen 2006

The White Leaves, nr.34 - Copenhagen 2006